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Maximising the potential of marketing campaigns, Olympic-style

Maximising the potential of marketing campaigns, Olympic-style

Niche or sector aside, brands that thrive long term have two distinct qualities: consistency and innovation.

In the lead up to the Olympics, we’ve seen star-studded marketing campaigns from brands that aren’t official sponsors. These initiatives are born from a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the specific rules, regulations, and red tape governing endorsement.

While using Olympic talent was once off the table for non-sponsors, the recent relaxation of Rule 40 has changed the game.

Playing the game to your advertising advantage

According to Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter, non-Olympic sponsors are forbidden to use official athletes in their ads or campaigns for a specific period of time, starting prior to the opening of the games and lasting until after they have finished. Brands should be familiar with this. However a loophole has opened up which provides something of an opportunity.

A recent relaxation of the rules allows athletes to forge their own deals with brands looking to launch campaigns around the Olympic and Paralympic Games. As a result, fast-thinking brands have taken advantage and formed creative alliances with influential Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Keeping control of the narrative

What does this tell us about ad asset and talent rights management?

The moral of the story is simple: by gaining the visibility and control required to keep on top of shifting rules and regulations, you can maximize your return on investments (ROI) from every endorsement.

Discover how Adstream can provide your brand with expert insights concerning rules, regulations, and talent as well as usage rights governance with One Serviceswhich offers access to our in-house team of experts with 25 years of industry experience.


Oliver Forder

Oliver Forder

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